I already have the template pack. Why should I upgrade to the theme?

Is it worth upgrading to a HubSpot theme if you’ve already bought a template pack? The short answer is yes! Here are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy:

An effortless design experience.

The HubSpot drag and drop editor for themes is fun and intuitive. You can easily clone, edit, and style individual modules or entire sections of each web page. While you might have needed a developer to edit template layouts, you can make changes yourself in themes (even without formal design or development training).

Brand consistency.

Set your colors and styles for typography (including access to the Google font library), CTAs, forms, and more. Every new website page you create will automatically vibe with your brand.

More time!

With global content, you can add or edit an element (like your header or footer) on a single page and have your changes instantly applied to your entire site.  

Awesome updates.

Whenever your theme releases an update, you’ll be able to reap the benefits for free! Staying current has never been so seamless.

Want to see a walk-through of how themes work in the HubSpot CMS?  Check this out.

So, you’re curious about themes. Why should you go with CLEAN?

There’s a reason why we’re the #1 most-reviewed theme on the HubSpot Template Marketplace. CLEAN offers maximum flexibility and customization capabilities, including:

  • 48 page templates (web pages, landing pages, system pages, etc.).
  • 41 stackable, easy-to-edit modules like:
    • The ever-popular hero banner. Add a solid color, video, image, or gradient background to emphasize the message in your website’s prime real estate.
    • New and improved custom modules released with regular theme updates. Some recent releases include:
      • The Flexi Table module. Create a table with as many rows or columns as you need.
      • The Drag N’ Drop blog listing page. Finally, your blog can offer the same delightful design experience as your other web pages.
      • The Global Logo Scroller module. Add any number of logos on a single page, and see them applied to every page on your site.
      • The Timeline Module.  Now you can map out your events and processes in style.
  • Full control over content width and spacing (including the number of columns per row).
  • Unlimited priority support.  Kevin is a self-professed support fanatic for any of your CLEAN or HubSpot CMS questions.  
  • 2 FREE hours of customization.  Do you need code-level site edits? For CLEAN Pro customers, Kevin includes two hours of custom development.

If you’re looking for a personalized, fun website-building experience, the CLEAN Pro theme is hard to beat.