What are the differences between CLEAN Pro and CLEAN Lite?

Trying to decide which version of CLEAN is best for you? You’re in the right place.

CLEAN Lite might be the right fit for you if:

  • You need a simple website with less than 15 pages
  • You’re a personal blogger
  • You’re not trying to scale your business
  • You’re on a tight budget

CLEAN Pro might be the right fit for you if:

  • You need (or might someday need) a site with more than 15 pages
  • You’re trying to scale your business
  • You need advanced marketing features like CTAs
  • You see your website as a long-term investment

Feature Differences

Some of the feature differences between Lite and Pro have to do with the HubSpot platform itself. Lite is built for CMS Starter, which has limitations like:

  • No CTAs (you can create buttons, but they’re not “smart” like the CTAs in Pro and Enterprise subscriptions).
  • 15 website pages per site. You get unlimited landing pages, but you can’t apply your theme styling to these landing pages.

CLEAN Pro is built for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, so you’ll have access to CTAs and any landing page styling right off the bat.

Read more about the differences between HubSpot subscriptions here.

Aside from HubSpot restrictions, CLEAN Lite only includes 15 of the 41 modules available in the full CLEAN Pro version. For example, you’ll be missing access to the price comparison table, countdown timer, and social sharing buttons, among others.

Also, CLEAN Pro gives you access to Kevin himself! You’ll still get standard email support if you go with CLEAN Lite, but you won’t have the perks of 2 free hours of customization or consultations over Zoom.

Check this out for a side-by-side comparison of all CLEAN Lite vs. Pro features.

Upgrading from CLEAN Lite to CLEAN Pro

So what if you want to start with CLEAN Lite and upgrade to CLEAN Pro down the road? Well, you can, but unfortunately, it’s not a seamless process. You’ll most likely have to get in touch with HubSpot support and pay to have your existing site migrated to the new theme.  

While it’s possible to upgrade from Lite to Pro, it might be a headache. If you see yourself outgrowing Lite at any point, it’s worth your time and resources to invest in Pro from the getgo.