Why doesn’t my website text match my theme style settings?

Get the look you want with one of these tips.

Start by checking a couple of things:

1. Did you publish your changes?

While you'll see your changes appear in the editor automatically, remember to hit Publish in the upper right corner to take your edits live!



2. Did you copy and paste from somewhere else?

You might be surprised how much a simple copy and paste can screw with your formatting (Google docs is a major offender).

Here are a few workarounds you can try:

a. Use the clear styles icon in the rich text editor.

Select your copy, then hit the button.



b. Type directly into the rich text editor.




c. Open TextEdit.

This one's for Mac users only (sorry, PC people). Create a fresh doc in your TextEdit app and paste your copy.  Under the format tab, select Make Plain Text.  Then copy and paste from the TextEdit doc right into HubSpot’s rich text editor.


There you go!  You’re on your way to designing your site in style. :)