How do I customize my CTA / button styles?

You're going to love this! There are a ton of options built into the theme settings to give you full control.

With the CLEAN theme, you have the ability to create three unique button styles.

  • Primary (cta-primary)
    This is the call to action that should leap off the page and smack the visitor in the face (in the gentlest most loving way possible of course)
  • Secondary (cta-secondary)
    This button style should have less visual weight than your primary but still, be clearly called out on the page.
  • Tertiary (cta-tertiary)
    This button style can blend in a bit more.  Perfect for a LEARN MORE button or those buttons that don't lead a visitor down a conversion path.
  • Fourth (cta-four)
    Simply another option should you need it.
  • Fifth (cta-five)
    Simply another option should you need it.

In this video, I'll show you how much control you have over the button's styles.