How do I clone the theme?

You'll do this by accessing the Design Tools section of HubSpot and then right-clicking on the theme to bring up the cloning feature.

Here is a video that will walk you right through the process of cloning the CLEAN Theme.


HubSpot recently (soft) launched the ability to create a "Child Theme" which has FAR MORE BENEFITS than making a cloned version of the theme.

Learn how to make a Child Theme here.


HubSpot Video

Why clone the theme you ask...

The big advantage of cloning the original theme files is so that you can make any specific customizations you'd like at the "code level."  In most cases, you won't ever need to touch any code when using the CLEAN theme.   However, cases could arise while you're building your new website or well after you've launched it where you want one of the CLEAN custom modules customized for your specific use-case. 

With the cloned version, that won't be a problem!

Learn more about the Pros and Cons of using a clone vs. the original theme files