Can I create a translated version of the mega menu?

Sorry, but the translation feature is not available for the mega menu.

I don't want to put you to sleep with the techy-details of why this feature isn't available for the mega menu.  In short, HubSpot has certain constraints built-in for custom and global modules. 

In order to make the experience of creating and using the mega menu feature awesome and super intuitive, there was only one trade-off that needed to be made.  That trade-off was the ability to include the multi-language translation feature.

Can the mega menu be customized to include the multi-language translated feature?

I wish it could be! If that was the case I would have built it directly into the feature.

Ok, so what should I do instead?

My recommendation is to set up the mega menu for your primary language. Then for each translated page, use the standard advanced menu system to create your nav and sub-nav links.